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SO YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONE! Minecraft 1.8 and more

Yep, I'm here again. Not that anyone was reading in the first place, but I haven't posted anything in a while. I really don't know why, I just didn't feel like it.  Now, I have returned with stuff. Plenty of stuff. To start off:

The Adventure Update of Minecraft: 1.8 added new structures and landforms. Until 1.8, I had played on Peaceful all the time because I wanted to make stuff and mine without monsters in my face. The "Adventure" theme of the new set of updates (some unreleased) triggered my change in play. Exploration and combat are becoming more rewarding, thus my not disabling monsters.

The 1.9 prerelease is out as well, but I prefer to wait until the game breaking bugs are fixed.

Adventure Update's Advantages:
New landforms: Canyon's/ravines, rivers, swamps, mushroom biome
New structures: Villages (villagers coming in 1.9), Nether Fortress (coming 1.9) Abandoned Mine Shafts, Strongholds
New Features: Experience (actual experience bonuses aren't here until 1.9 or 1.10), Food meter

More specifically:
The Villagers are planned to converse with the player and give quests eventually, but as of the 1.9 prerelease (further referred to as 1.9pre), they meander without purpose (sometimes away from town to never return). You can kill them too if you want.
The food system was overhauled. Now, food replenishes the new food meter, and once it is filled it restores your health until it drops to a lower point (exact statistics on food are here.
The Swamp is a lot of flat land with plenty of water pools. As of 1.9pre it has a different grass texture. Vines grow on the trees. And the mushroom biome, a 1.9pre feature, features mushroom cows and a very different grass texture.

So while I was playing the crap out of that, I was also playing Civilization 5, which was only about 12 bucks on Steam. I saw it and automatically decided to buy it (I had wanted Civ 5 anyway, but the one time deal was what made me get it). Enjoyable; it was a definite buy for that price tag, and good for full price, currently at 29.99.

And at last, I returned to my 3DS with Dead or Alive Dimensions, a good fighting game. I got it because of the battle environments; all of them (except the general training one) have some sort of interaction, such as kicking your opponent through a glass pane to the hall below or down a snowy slope to an ice covered arena. And the ninja. The big boobs were just a bonus...

So that's it for my return post. See you again!


3DS: Preparing for the Vita Arrival

Well, this news comes out of nowhere, although the "nowhere" is probably related to the fact that I was away from all Internet stuff for five days. I return, and here we are with a price drop on the 3DS to 169.99. As you probably know, that is the same current price as the DSi XL. This is a lot of cash lost for Nintendo on 3DS related sales, as shown in the many pay cuts for Nintendo. This appears to be a move that would hopefully be for the greater good of the company, however. It appears to be to respond to the Playstation Vita release, at the same price the 3DS previously held (with a 3G upgrade for an extra 50 bucks). Hopefully for Nintendo, this will sell more 3DS systems to combat the more powerful Vita.

The price decrease is also a result of less than stellar sales for the 3DS, because of the small launch lineup. As you see in the previous article, soon that time will be over, but for now there are very few games to tide yourself over with on the newest console from Big N.

I think it will be a much more interesting battle this year between 3DS and Vita. DS vs PSP sure was anticlimactic.


The 3DS Lineup: Don't Worry About the Remakes

I've heard (well, seen, as in saw the text in posts and stuff) people complaining about all the remakes for the console. Well, that should soon be over. Here's some reasons why they made plenty of remakes, and why they'll be mostly replaced with new games soon.

1. Selling the system. If you can recognize a game that you would enjoy, it increases the value of the system to you, right? Well, all of these remakes are of good games, or great classics. Ocarina and StarFox: They are both fondly remembered games. And many people know of their legacy but have not played them yet (like me). I got Ocarina and was satisfied. Many others, I assume, have as well.

2. They're easier to make. You're seeing a lot of the new games coming out around the holiday season or later: that's because they need time to make them. Remakes near the beginning of the console cycle may be because the 3DS was in development before the products. So improving the graphics  and giving a few additions to one game is going to be a lot less work than making a new one from scratch. Deep down, Nintendo is a corporation that wants to make money, just like Sony and Microsoft, and what takes less for good worth is often a choice they might want to make.

3. Having a more robust lineup. I mentioned it is easier to make remakes; well, that means they can boost the amount of the lineup titles so consumers have more choice.

So the remake decision has reasoning; money reasoning. Remember, Nintendo is not an indie game designer that gives away their stuff for free; they need to make a living too, and the more they make, the better the living. You would probably do the same if in their shoes.

Of course, these reasons are for an action that ultimately failed so far with the underselling of the 3DS. But soon we'll be over that.

So tl;dr, the remakes are for a reason, and soon there will be less. So kick back with your copy of Ocarina of Time and wait, as that's how good things come.


Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower

You know about them. You want them. If you don't, you either don't have a Wii or have horrible taste. Xeno and LS are both amazing looking RPGs and Pandora's Tower looks to be a great action-adventure title.

     Now if you follow any game news whatsoever, you've heard about the fact that Nintendo of America has appeared to decide that they aren't worth localizing in the US.

      Now wait a minute. All three are being released in the UK, right? O noes, it's a lot of work to change "colour" to "color", ain't it? With all the Wii fans psyched about them, they should sell well enough, so why aren't they bringing them overseas the other direction? Just maybe, we have a rumor to look at that follows.

     If you check out the Operation Rainfall blog, you'll see on the latest post a juicy rumor. According to this, Xenoblade AND Last Story are being sent to US, Xeno already localized and LS in the process. Joy! It's still unconfirmed. But it's hope, right? And Operation Rainfall's team seems to think it's true.

So we could have a lucky break and get at least 2 of those wanted titles. Good news, of course.


Pokemon: What the hell is with all these annoying spinoff things?

     Lately, all the game news for Pokemon has one thing in common: it's all useless. Of course I'm not expecting anything on Grey or the remade Ruby and Sapphire yet, but at least SOMETHING interesting would be nice.
Culprit #1 is Pokemon Rumble Blast (Scramble in Japan). I didn't think we'd see more of Pokemon Rumble, a game released on WiiWare a few years ago, but here it is in full price form for the 3DS. I never played the first game, for it didn't seem all that interesting. The demo put me against it even more, didn't have much fun playing that. Although it does have a good deal of new content according to the news (http://www.serebii.net/rumble2/), it doesn't seem enough to win me over. I suppose that isn't too bad, but I'd prefer the time of the spinoff developers (Ambrella in this case) to be put to use on more compelling games.

     Which leads us to Pokemon Typing DS, which is, judging by the gameplay (typing the English romanizations of the Japanese Pokemon names), to be a Japan-only release. Now that also wouldn't be a letdown other than being annnoying, until I find out that Genius Sonority is putting their staff to work on it, when they could be working on something way more awesome. By this I mean something like Pokemon Colosseum, XD: Gale of Darkness, or Battle Revolution, all developed by the Genius Sonority. God, an XD sequel would be amazing to have, and instead they're working on this crapload. I WANTS MOAR GAMES I'D PLAY!

     We also have this random free rythm game app for mobile platforms and a TCG demo game. Not sure who's wasting their time (translate to "making money without pleasing fans", which I understand, but wish wasn't the case)  on those games, but everything on the horizon is nothing, simply nothing, I'm interested in. Yeah, the world doesn't revolve around me, and I'm sure there are reasons for making those games. I'm just saying that I'm not really satisfied with what's coming out.

     Here's what they need: Mystery Dungeon 3 (NO, Explorers of Sky is NOT Mystery Dungeon 3, it's STILL Mystery Dungeon 2, but a 1-generation sequel like Platinum or "Grey"). MD is the best of the spinoffs in the opinions of me and others, but its in the dark now. I'm still pretty sure it will be released sometime, but no leaks or announcements or ANYTHING have come about.

So what do we need? More of the good stuff. The 3DS, being about the same in graphics capacity as the Cube, would do well with a new game from the Colosseum series. Mystery Dungeon 3 could well be a DS or   3DS release, either one is fine with me. Just no weirdo character models (see Pokemon Ranch or Rumble if you don't know what I mean) if it's on 3DS.

So there you go. But do you love Rumble or hate Mystery Dungeon (screw IGN on that review)? Or are Pokemon spinoffs in general horrible in themselves? COMMENTS, PEOPLE, COMMENTS!


Terraria: Copying?

So I began playing Terraria recently, and it's as good or better than the oft-compared Minecraft. But how original is it when you look at it and Minecraft?

I think the answer lies in other gaming realms, with the many genres they contain. Both games use a unique concept of being able to edit and control as much of the environment as you wish, and are capable of doing. So when you look at two WWII first-person shooters, they can be very similar, but people aren't eager to call them "copies." If they were copies, or copies of copies, etc., so would Terraria be to Minecraft. And hell, Minecraft is basically an improvement upon another game, titled Infiniminer.  But nobody considers (WWII themed) Call of Duty games copies of other WWII games. This applies to other game concepts too. Influencing does not equal copying.

With that, Terraria obviously has roots in Minecraft, and would not be what it is, or maybe even exist, without that which influenced it. Furthermore, the games that Minecraft and Terraria are could be even a new genre, title unspecified.

Disagree? Is Terraria a complete copy of Minecraft to you? Is Terraria completely original? Well, what's the comments for? Sound off there. Skydra out.


Ocarina is mine

So I did end up getting Ocarina of Time a day after the release, and so far it's pretty addicting. I hardly noticed it becoming 11:30 last night while I was playing (then continuing to 11:40), but the surprising thing about that isn't staying up until then but not checking the clock at all.

Some thoughts on it? Some things are a little archaic, as it's an old game that wasn't really changed, such as starting with only 3 hearts after a death or only being able to climb up or sideways, not both at the same time. It's still aged well, however. The graphics weren't improved as much as I expected, but still better than the screenshots I've seen of the original.


In Oregon on vacation

So I'm in Oregon now. Yes, it has rained, unsurprisingly. I think this is quoting T.A. Barron:

"In the beginning, God made rain. Then more rain. And then more rain. That"

To hell with quoting from memory, I just found an excerpt (of The Ancient One);
First, God created Rain. Then Drizzle. Then Mist, then Fog. And then: More Rain.
          Kate smiled soggily at her own adaptation of the story of creation, Oregon style.
So there. Not quite that immensely exaggerated, but you get the point. You know what I'm mad about though?

I have to get Ocarina of Time 3D late. A day late. Maybe even two days. And I was planning to make use of the card slot on my 3DS for something other than games I could already play on my DSi, other than Rayman 3D, which I played for a mere ten hours, according to Activity log. I'm expecting at least 30 hours of Ocarina, probably more, but now, because I went somewhere and the store closed while I was gone because it was a Sunday, I can't yet.

Other than that burst of fanboyism? I would've rather played Ocarina than go to a lighthouse, but entering the largest sea cave in the world was worthwhile. It's uncreatively called the Sea Lion caves because guess what? There are sea lions in it(or them, only one cave was enterable).

Oh, and according to my spellcheck, I just made up two words. No, three because I consolidated spell and check.

So random post is random. See you later (hopefully; the more people visit the better).


So I got a laptop...

Ummm... title says all. Normally I hate that phrase on forums (some discussion starting, please?).

What? Wanted more? Geez, don't be greedy. It's not nice.

Fine. I'll give you ONE more thing, for crying out loud. Here it is: Now I don't have to share computers with my family. Fine, sis, ****ing WATCH your iCarly on the computer. I'll be upstairs building gigantic imaginary towers.


My obsession with turning in games for Gamestop credit

Anyone else tend to be partial to trading in games if they think they're done with them? That's me right there. And then of course I sometimes tend to want to play them, although not a whole lot, afterwards. Some days ago I was at a school lockin thing for Band (Flute in Advanced and flute and piano in Jazz 2) and played Metroid Prime Hunters on download play with some other guys. This kid I know had it still even since last year (although he plays more video games than me) and he must have had it since a while before last year at the same lockin when we played it. So I bought it in between these two lockins, and turned it in for Gamestop credit before the next one. I did end up getting my revenge for getting beat last year in two download play games where I won.

So anybody else tend to do this? Leave a comment!


3DS eShop update (in the EVENING for crying out loud?)

So the eShop goes online tomorrow, yay! Offset by the evening launch, boo! But I was looking forward to either staying up till midnight or getting up at 6 in the morning (an hour before I shower and eat before school) to download it, transfer my DSiWare applications, and getting games from the eShop and Virtual Console, some for free like Excitebike (remastered in 3D) and Pokedex 3D. Yes, it does all that, so at least the wait will be worth it.

The titles I think will be on the US and EU release are, for 3DSWare, Excitebike (not on VC since it's a remastered version and the Pokedex 3D. For 30 days, both are free. Then the Excitebike gets an unrevealed price. Pokedex 3D stays free, lucky for those who get one late. The Gameboy/GBC Virtual Console gets Super Mario Land, Alleyway, and Radar Mission. I have no d*** idea what the other two are (curse my youth, curse it!) but SML sounds good. With the incremental fund adding (5, 10, 20 I think) I'll probably spend the five and get it.

And now I can turn in my DSi when I want to. But only if my sister's Lite works and she finds the charger. Otherwise, I can't trade stuff between my Pokemon, woe is me.

And then there's the internet browser... its shaping up to be a nice update. (OTHER THAN THE EVENING LAUNCH! SCREW YOU NINTENDO! @##@#$@$$@$@) (you didn't hear a word...)

Edit: Oh yeah, Ocarina is out in a week or so too. Seems my 3DS is going to get much more use now... I knew this would happen eventually, which is why I purchased it early (as early as possible; I got there about the time the store opened on release day.

I'm thinking of reviewing the console once I play a game with graphics that are ACTUALLY UPDATED TO THE STANDARD OF THE 3DS (Ubisoft, I'm looking at you and your Rayman remake). To go off on another tangent, Rayman 2 didn't age too well. Good in 199whatever terms, but now it's a little more average.

Is it time to end this post that's going on way past the original topic? NO!!!!! I have more to say! *imaginary employees attempt to pull me away from the keyboard* I'm getting a *more pulling* laptop soon so- *subdued*

Edit 2: Just snuck on to put in another word... so yeah, I'm getting a laptop soon so won't have quite the limitations of a shared computer. And I'm also planning on getting Dead or Alive Dimensions too. So time to quietly leave...


Minecraft: Screenshots of My Areas, Part 1

We all have our Minecraft buildings that we might want to show off. Here's where you find mine, which are way better than yours. Lets begin...

The Sky Hall and Railway Station, from one of the tracks. The rectangular upper area, the Sky Hall, is still under construction. If you notice that tower of dirt on top of the construction area, that's a measurement of how much building area is left before the Void is reached. The waterfall is used as an elevator.
The inner compound, titled the Sky Hall Entry and Railway Station (as said on the sign). The East Entrance titled comes from my log house.

 The roof of the Entry/Station, with my Nether portal and a waterfall elevator. Nothing much otherwise.
 The Sky Hall Landing, the room that you enter by waterfall in which you enter the Sky Hall. Simply a rest stop to the main attraction.
 Here's the construction area. You can see the dirt measurement tower mentioned before, as well as some clouds that show the height of the Sky Hall. It might be time to mention that the whole building I'm showing right now is built on a large hill, so the building isn't all of the height.
The track that goes down to my Sandcastle (building to the right on the sand), a house of sandstone. You can see from the track incline that the Railway Station is built on a considerably sized hill.
 The inside of the Sandcastle. It's not really in use for much right now. You can see the doorway that leads outside and the sign to the right along with the doorway to the track
 The roof of the Sandcastle. Another building is in the building process, but the project has been suspended for now.

 The Sandcastle from the outside, as well as the cliffs nearby and the cobblestone minecart entrance that I'm attempting to make animal proof so I don't have to worry about leaving a cart there and having an animal perform a train heist.
The railway to my log farmhouse, again coming from the Sky Hall. You can kind of see the house through the trees (upper right, the brown thing).
The inside, with all the necessities. Otherwise uninteresting. This is the building nearest to my original spawn point.
 Now the farm, with wheat ready to be harvested. Just around the corner from my original spawn point.
 Finally, we have another shot of the Rail Station. You can see the two rails, the one to the left leading to the farmhouse and the one to the right leading to the Sandcastle.

Minecraft goes on forever, so there's more screenies coming. In the meantime, happy Minecrafting (Crafting? Mining? Both of those just describe actions in the game... oh well. We'll stick to Minecrafting until something better comes up.).

Pokemon: Should the remakes of RS or the 3rd BW title come first?

Almost too predictable, the releases of Pokemon. First pair of titles, and then pair of remakes and a remake of the first two releases of the generation. But the remake and third title don't have set release order, which leaves us hanging, dying of anticipation scrambling to but unable to decipher what is coming next. O woe... 'kay, that was exaggerating, but the question still remains. As you can see, the release order can switch around...

Generation III

1. Ruby/Sapphire
2. FireRed/LeafGreen
3. Emerald

Generation IV

1. Diamond/Pearl
2. Platinum
3. HeartGold/SoulSilver

So it comes down to opinion, as logic cannot find a solution to the problem. Which should come first?

The RS remakes, of course. Why enter Unova in another game before you can begin a game that isn't almost what you just played? Assuming you aren't still playing RSE... nostalgia freaks...

My problem with Platinum was that I wasn't exactly motivated the whole time. I did a solo run, because I wasn't really for making a team then. I got some other Pokemon, but ended up just using Torterra (which is a pretty good solo runner, by the way). But I think the reason I never made a real team was that I had done almost everything already in Diamond. Later on, I was motivated in further Diamond and Pearl playthroughs mostly because I wasn't in a hurry to get to anything new. Most of it was subconscious, but that's what I believe my reasoning is.

So I'd really prefer the remakes first. Of course, I'd get the new game either way, but there's often a good answer and a less good answer to a problem.


Minecraft: What I Want in the Full Version, Part 1

Continuing my Minecraft theme, this time were on to how it could be improved in the final game. 

1. Notch has said that instead of torches being a permanent light source, they would need fuel in the final version. He said that Lanterns would be added as a permanent light source. The Minecraft wiki says: "Glowstone could potentially be an item requirement to craft a lantern, as it also provides an infinite source of light. This would also make lanterns relatively inaccessible and a risky item to get, as has been hinted at by Notch." So are lanterns to be difficult to get and large numbers of them difficult to obtain? Hopefully not, which is what I say for #1- Lanterns should be easy enough to find that it isn't a chore to get a large amount for mining. Luckily, all existing torches will be replaced with lanterns when they are introduced.

2. Vehicle variety. The current boat seems to act as a speedboat, but without a noticeable method of propulsion, so there should be a different way to craft a boat with a motor. I'd suggest the same crafting formation as the current boat, but with iron replacing the lower right bit of wood and some redstone in between the upper wood planks. The nonmotorized boat would have oars or something, faster than swimming but slower than the motor (if that wasn't obvious to you. Then maybe a metal boat and a wooden minecart. Another method of travel over land would help too. Possibly an animal, but to make minecart travel still viable, it would be slower (although still faster than the player) and would have an endurance bar, similar to the durability bars. 

3. This one is more random, but how about mixed ore blocks for realism? This means gold and iron could be contained in one block. The furnace could then have two output boxes for when the ore is mined for the two ingots that would emerge. I'm not thinking this idea is likely, but it's not as if it's stupid. To me. Then again, lots of things that are stupid to you probably aren't stupid to me... 

That's that for Part 1. There may never be a Part 2, but even without that this is still the first part. First of one.


Minecraft: Some First Impressions

It's a pretty great thing, this game. It's not exactly an original creation (look up "Infiniminer" on the MC wiki, or Google) but that doesn't change the fact it's great. Anything wrong with it?

For one thing, you could start out with some basic tools. I'd say a Compass is one of those; someone without the redstone to make one could easily get lost. Not to mention that the compass only points to your original spawn point, regardless of how many times you take a snooze. Most of the other stuff can be made pretty quickly, so I don't have much else to ask in that regard.

Furthermore... Uhhh... Water physics? Taking a spring block (water block that produces water which can spill out to other areas) out of a pool or ocean should technically cause the water level to go down, but instead the other spring blocks fill it in, but not to the top. So taking a couple spring blocks out would result in a very strange looking pool/lake/ocean/pond/river/random-other-names-for-water-formations. The lava physics, basically the same, make a little more sense because of the medium, but they still aren't the cream of the crop.

The last of the list is to make dungeons a bit more common. The only good way to find some is to use a good seed (I played two that both spawned next to two dungeons. The one I'm on now spawned me near two dungeons as well , but one was only because I knew the coordinates since I found the seed on the net). I'm not complaining about the loot, though; free redstone? Yes please.

But it's so frickin' addicting that the problems don't matter much.


Well, here we are, the first post. Logigamer, the awesomest blog on the web, where logic and gaming mix soundly and porpoisfully…

Purposefully, I mean.

He (she? Well, scientifically, you call an animal of an unspecified gender “he”) thinks it’s funny. You just can’t appreciate my sophisticated humor.

But the logic only comes in when I want it to, and so can the gaming. Each post can contain one or both or neither, but who cares? If you do, go away. It’s not nice to judge.

But where and who am I? As you can see from my name of Skydra, I go by that name, but in more places than one. Random Pokemon sites mostly. Serebii.net forums and Bulbapedia (the wiki, not the forums) as well as the Pokemon Dream World (too much Poke for you? Another account of mine on the DW is Skydra2).

But is that too many buts in starting those paragraphs? Dunno, but yay for bad humor.

It ain’t just Pokemon, I tell you. I’m one of those Nintendo platform “geeks.” A logically incorrect term, but to h(am I allowed to swear in this blog?)*** with that.

But anyway… good day to you all. Skydra out. Posts coming soon. Comment and follow!