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SO YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONE! Minecraft 1.8 and more

Yep, I'm here again. Not that anyone was reading in the first place, but I haven't posted anything in a while. I really don't know why, I just didn't feel like it.  Now, I have returned with stuff. Plenty of stuff. To start off:

The Adventure Update of Minecraft: 1.8 added new structures and landforms. Until 1.8, I had played on Peaceful all the time because I wanted to make stuff and mine without monsters in my face. The "Adventure" theme of the new set of updates (some unreleased) triggered my change in play. Exploration and combat are becoming more rewarding, thus my not disabling monsters.

The 1.9 prerelease is out as well, but I prefer to wait until the game breaking bugs are fixed.

Adventure Update's Advantages:
New landforms: Canyon's/ravines, rivers, swamps, mushroom biome
New structures: Villages (villagers coming in 1.9), Nether Fortress (coming 1.9) Abandoned Mine Shafts, Strongholds
New Features: Experience (actual experience bonuses aren't here until 1.9 or 1.10), Food meter

More specifically:
The Villagers are planned to converse with the player and give quests eventually, but as of the 1.9 prerelease (further referred to as 1.9pre), they meander without purpose (sometimes away from town to never return). You can kill them too if you want.
The food system was overhauled. Now, food replenishes the new food meter, and once it is filled it restores your health until it drops to a lower point (exact statistics on food are here.
The Swamp is a lot of flat land with plenty of water pools. As of 1.9pre it has a different grass texture. Vines grow on the trees. And the mushroom biome, a 1.9pre feature, features mushroom cows and a very different grass texture.

So while I was playing the crap out of that, I was also playing Civilization 5, which was only about 12 bucks on Steam. I saw it and automatically decided to buy it (I had wanted Civ 5 anyway, but the one time deal was what made me get it). Enjoyable; it was a definite buy for that price tag, and good for full price, currently at 29.99.

And at last, I returned to my 3DS with Dead or Alive Dimensions, a good fighting game. I got it because of the battle environments; all of them (except the general training one) have some sort of interaction, such as kicking your opponent through a glass pane to the hall below or down a snowy slope to an ice covered arena. And the ninja. The big boobs were just a bonus...

So that's it for my return post. See you again!