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This is Logigamer (logic+gamer, in case you couldn’t tell). It is not a random blog of randomness, but one that contains logic, gaming, or both in each post.

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Minecraft: Screenshots of My Areas, Part 1

We all have our Minecraft buildings that we might want to show off. Here's where you find mine, which are way better than yours. Lets begin...

The Sky Hall and Railway Station, from one of the tracks. The rectangular upper area, the Sky Hall, is still under construction. If you notice that tower of dirt on top of the construction area, that's a measurement of how much building area is left before the Void is reached. The waterfall is used as an elevator.
The inner compound, titled the Sky Hall Entry and Railway Station (as said on the sign). The East Entrance titled comes from my log house.

 The roof of the Entry/Station, with my Nether portal and a waterfall elevator. Nothing much otherwise.
 The Sky Hall Landing, the room that you enter by waterfall in which you enter the Sky Hall. Simply a rest stop to the main attraction.
 Here's the construction area. You can see the dirt measurement tower mentioned before, as well as some clouds that show the height of the Sky Hall. It might be time to mention that the whole building I'm showing right now is built on a large hill, so the building isn't all of the height.
The track that goes down to my Sandcastle (building to the right on the sand), a house of sandstone. You can see from the track incline that the Railway Station is built on a considerably sized hill.
 The inside of the Sandcastle. It's not really in use for much right now. You can see the doorway that leads outside and the sign to the right along with the doorway to the track
 The roof of the Sandcastle. Another building is in the building process, but the project has been suspended for now.

 The Sandcastle from the outside, as well as the cliffs nearby and the cobblestone minecart entrance that I'm attempting to make animal proof so I don't have to worry about leaving a cart there and having an animal perform a train heist.
The railway to my log farmhouse, again coming from the Sky Hall. You can kind of see the house through the trees (upper right, the brown thing).
The inside, with all the necessities. Otherwise uninteresting. This is the building nearest to my original spawn point.
 Now the farm, with wheat ready to be harvested. Just around the corner from my original spawn point.
 Finally, we have another shot of the Rail Station. You can see the two rails, the one to the left leading to the farmhouse and the one to the right leading to the Sandcastle.

Minecraft goes on forever, so there's more screenies coming. In the meantime, happy Minecrafting (Crafting? Mining? Both of those just describe actions in the game... oh well. We'll stick to Minecrafting until something better comes up.).

Pokemon: Should the remakes of RS or the 3rd BW title come first?

Almost too predictable, the releases of Pokemon. First pair of titles, and then pair of remakes and a remake of the first two releases of the generation. But the remake and third title don't have set release order, which leaves us hanging, dying of anticipation scrambling to but unable to decipher what is coming next. O woe... 'kay, that was exaggerating, but the question still remains. As you can see, the release order can switch around...

Generation III

1. Ruby/Sapphire
2. FireRed/LeafGreen
3. Emerald

Generation IV

1. Diamond/Pearl
2. Platinum
3. HeartGold/SoulSilver

So it comes down to opinion, as logic cannot find a solution to the problem. Which should come first?

The RS remakes, of course. Why enter Unova in another game before you can begin a game that isn't almost what you just played? Assuming you aren't still playing RSE... nostalgia freaks...

My problem with Platinum was that I wasn't exactly motivated the whole time. I did a solo run, because I wasn't really for making a team then. I got some other Pokemon, but ended up just using Torterra (which is a pretty good solo runner, by the way). But I think the reason I never made a real team was that I had done almost everything already in Diamond. Later on, I was motivated in further Diamond and Pearl playthroughs mostly because I wasn't in a hurry to get to anything new. Most of it was subconscious, but that's what I believe my reasoning is.

So I'd really prefer the remakes first. Of course, I'd get the new game either way, but there's often a good answer and a less good answer to a problem.


Minecraft: What I Want in the Full Version, Part 1

Continuing my Minecraft theme, this time were on to how it could be improved in the final game. 

1. Notch has said that instead of torches being a permanent light source, they would need fuel in the final version. He said that Lanterns would be added as a permanent light source. The Minecraft wiki says: "Glowstone could potentially be an item requirement to craft a lantern, as it also provides an infinite source of light. This would also make lanterns relatively inaccessible and a risky item to get, as has been hinted at by Notch." So are lanterns to be difficult to get and large numbers of them difficult to obtain? Hopefully not, which is what I say for #1- Lanterns should be easy enough to find that it isn't a chore to get a large amount for mining. Luckily, all existing torches will be replaced with lanterns when they are introduced.

2. Vehicle variety. The current boat seems to act as a speedboat, but without a noticeable method of propulsion, so there should be a different way to craft a boat with a motor. I'd suggest the same crafting formation as the current boat, but with iron replacing the lower right bit of wood and some redstone in between the upper wood planks. The nonmotorized boat would have oars or something, faster than swimming but slower than the motor (if that wasn't obvious to you. Then maybe a metal boat and a wooden minecart. Another method of travel over land would help too. Possibly an animal, but to make minecart travel still viable, it would be slower (although still faster than the player) and would have an endurance bar, similar to the durability bars. 

3. This one is more random, but how about mixed ore blocks for realism? This means gold and iron could be contained in one block. The furnace could then have two output boxes for when the ore is mined for the two ingots that would emerge. I'm not thinking this idea is likely, but it's not as if it's stupid. To me. Then again, lots of things that are stupid to you probably aren't stupid to me... 

That's that for Part 1. There may never be a Part 2, but even without that this is still the first part. First of one.


Minecraft: Some First Impressions

It's a pretty great thing, this game. It's not exactly an original creation (look up "Infiniminer" on the MC wiki, or Google) but that doesn't change the fact it's great. Anything wrong with it?

For one thing, you could start out with some basic tools. I'd say a Compass is one of those; someone without the redstone to make one could easily get lost. Not to mention that the compass only points to your original spawn point, regardless of how many times you take a snooze. Most of the other stuff can be made pretty quickly, so I don't have much else to ask in that regard.

Furthermore... Uhhh... Water physics? Taking a spring block (water block that produces water which can spill out to other areas) out of a pool or ocean should technically cause the water level to go down, but instead the other spring blocks fill it in, but not to the top. So taking a couple spring blocks out would result in a very strange looking pool/lake/ocean/pond/river/random-other-names-for-water-formations. The lava physics, basically the same, make a little more sense because of the medium, but they still aren't the cream of the crop.

The last of the list is to make dungeons a bit more common. The only good way to find some is to use a good seed (I played two that both spawned next to two dungeons. The one I'm on now spawned me near two dungeons as well , but one was only because I knew the coordinates since I found the seed on the net). I'm not complaining about the loot, though; free redstone? Yes please.

But it's so frickin' addicting that the problems don't matter much.


Well, here we are, the first post. Logigamer, the awesomest blog on the web, where logic and gaming mix soundly and porpoisfully…

Purposefully, I mean.

He (she? Well, scientifically, you call an animal of an unspecified gender “he”) thinks it’s funny. You just can’t appreciate my sophisticated humor.

But the logic only comes in when I want it to, and so can the gaming. Each post can contain one or both or neither, but who cares? If you do, go away. It’s not nice to judge.

But where and who am I? As you can see from my name of Skydra, I go by that name, but in more places than one. Random Pokemon sites mostly. Serebii.net forums and Bulbapedia (the wiki, not the forums) as well as the Pokemon Dream World (too much Poke for you? Another account of mine on the DW is Skydra2).

But is that too many buts in starting those paragraphs? Dunno, but yay for bad humor.

It ain’t just Pokemon, I tell you. I’m one of those Nintendo platform “geeks.” A logically incorrect term, but to h(am I allowed to swear in this blog?)*** with that.

But anyway… good day to you all. Skydra out. Posts coming soon. Comment and follow!