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This is Logigamer (logic+gamer, in case you couldn’t tell). It is not a random blog of randomness, but one that contains logic, gaming, or both in each post.

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Ocarina is mine

So I did end up getting Ocarina of Time a day after the release, and so far it's pretty addicting. I hardly noticed it becoming 11:30 last night while I was playing (then continuing to 11:40), but the surprising thing about that isn't staying up until then but not checking the clock at all.

Some thoughts on it? Some things are a little archaic, as it's an old game that wasn't really changed, such as starting with only 3 hearts after a death or only being able to climb up or sideways, not both at the same time. It's still aged well, however. The graphics weren't improved as much as I expected, but still better than the screenshots I've seen of the original.


In Oregon on vacation

So I'm in Oregon now. Yes, it has rained, unsurprisingly. I think this is quoting T.A. Barron:

"In the beginning, God made rain. Then more rain. And then more rain. That"

To hell with quoting from memory, I just found an excerpt (of The Ancient One);
First, God created Rain. Then Drizzle. Then Mist, then Fog. And then: More Rain.
          Kate smiled soggily at her own adaptation of the story of creation, Oregon style.
So there. Not quite that immensely exaggerated, but you get the point. You know what I'm mad about though?

I have to get Ocarina of Time 3D late. A day late. Maybe even two days. And I was planning to make use of the card slot on my 3DS for something other than games I could already play on my DSi, other than Rayman 3D, which I played for a mere ten hours, according to Activity log. I'm expecting at least 30 hours of Ocarina, probably more, but now, because I went somewhere and the store closed while I was gone because it was a Sunday, I can't yet.

Other than that burst of fanboyism? I would've rather played Ocarina than go to a lighthouse, but entering the largest sea cave in the world was worthwhile. It's uncreatively called the Sea Lion caves because guess what? There are sea lions in it(or them, only one cave was enterable).

Oh, and according to my spellcheck, I just made up two words. No, three because I consolidated spell and check.

So random post is random. See you later (hopefully; the more people visit the better).


So I got a laptop...

Ummm... title says all. Normally I hate that phrase on forums (some discussion starting, please?).

What? Wanted more? Geez, don't be greedy. It's not nice.

Fine. I'll give you ONE more thing, for crying out loud. Here it is: Now I don't have to share computers with my family. Fine, sis, ****ing WATCH your iCarly on the computer. I'll be upstairs building gigantic imaginary towers.


My obsession with turning in games for Gamestop credit

Anyone else tend to be partial to trading in games if they think they're done with them? That's me right there. And then of course I sometimes tend to want to play them, although not a whole lot, afterwards. Some days ago I was at a school lockin thing for Band (Flute in Advanced and flute and piano in Jazz 2) and played Metroid Prime Hunters on download play with some other guys. This kid I know had it still even since last year (although he plays more video games than me) and he must have had it since a while before last year at the same lockin when we played it. So I bought it in between these two lockins, and turned it in for Gamestop credit before the next one. I did end up getting my revenge for getting beat last year in two download play games where I won.

So anybody else tend to do this? Leave a comment!


3DS eShop update (in the EVENING for crying out loud?)

So the eShop goes online tomorrow, yay! Offset by the evening launch, boo! But I was looking forward to either staying up till midnight or getting up at 6 in the morning (an hour before I shower and eat before school) to download it, transfer my DSiWare applications, and getting games from the eShop and Virtual Console, some for free like Excitebike (remastered in 3D) and Pokedex 3D. Yes, it does all that, so at least the wait will be worth it.

The titles I think will be on the US and EU release are, for 3DSWare, Excitebike (not on VC since it's a remastered version and the Pokedex 3D. For 30 days, both are free. Then the Excitebike gets an unrevealed price. Pokedex 3D stays free, lucky for those who get one late. The Gameboy/GBC Virtual Console gets Super Mario Land, Alleyway, and Radar Mission. I have no d*** idea what the other two are (curse my youth, curse it!) but SML sounds good. With the incremental fund adding (5, 10, 20 I think) I'll probably spend the five and get it.

And now I can turn in my DSi when I want to. But only if my sister's Lite works and she finds the charger. Otherwise, I can't trade stuff between my Pokemon, woe is me.

And then there's the internet browser... its shaping up to be a nice update. (OTHER THAN THE EVENING LAUNCH! SCREW YOU NINTENDO! @##@#$@$$@$@) (you didn't hear a word...)

Edit: Oh yeah, Ocarina is out in a week or so too. Seems my 3DS is going to get much more use now... I knew this would happen eventually, which is why I purchased it early (as early as possible; I got there about the time the store opened on release day.

I'm thinking of reviewing the console once I play a game with graphics that are ACTUALLY UPDATED TO THE STANDARD OF THE 3DS (Ubisoft, I'm looking at you and your Rayman remake). To go off on another tangent, Rayman 2 didn't age too well. Good in 199whatever terms, but now it's a little more average.

Is it time to end this post that's going on way past the original topic? NO!!!!! I have more to say! *imaginary employees attempt to pull me away from the keyboard* I'm getting a *more pulling* laptop soon so- *subdued*

Edit 2: Just snuck on to put in another word... so yeah, I'm getting a laptop soon so won't have quite the limitations of a shared computer. And I'm also planning on getting Dead or Alive Dimensions too. So time to quietly leave...