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My obsession with turning in games for Gamestop credit

Anyone else tend to be partial to trading in games if they think they're done with them? That's me right there. And then of course I sometimes tend to want to play them, although not a whole lot, afterwards. Some days ago I was at a school lockin thing for Band (Flute in Advanced and flute and piano in Jazz 2) and played Metroid Prime Hunters on download play with some other guys. This kid I know had it still even since last year (although he plays more video games than me) and he must have had it since a while before last year at the same lockin when we played it. So I bought it in between these two lockins, and turned it in for Gamestop credit before the next one. I did end up getting my revenge for getting beat last year in two download play games where I won.

So anybody else tend to do this? Leave a comment!

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