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In Oregon on vacation

So I'm in Oregon now. Yes, it has rained, unsurprisingly. I think this is quoting T.A. Barron:

"In the beginning, God made rain. Then more rain. And then more rain. That"

To hell with quoting from memory, I just found an excerpt (of The Ancient One);
First, God created Rain. Then Drizzle. Then Mist, then Fog. And then: More Rain.
          Kate smiled soggily at her own adaptation of the story of creation, Oregon style.
So there. Not quite that immensely exaggerated, but you get the point. You know what I'm mad about though?

I have to get Ocarina of Time 3D late. A day late. Maybe even two days. And I was planning to make use of the card slot on my 3DS for something other than games I could already play on my DSi, other than Rayman 3D, which I played for a mere ten hours, according to Activity log. I'm expecting at least 30 hours of Ocarina, probably more, but now, because I went somewhere and the store closed while I was gone because it was a Sunday, I can't yet.

Other than that burst of fanboyism? I would've rather played Ocarina than go to a lighthouse, but entering the largest sea cave in the world was worthwhile. It's uncreatively called the Sea Lion caves because guess what? There are sea lions in it(or them, only one cave was enterable).

Oh, and according to my spellcheck, I just made up two words. No, three because I consolidated spell and check.

So random post is random. See you later (hopefully; the more people visit the better).

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