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3DS: Preparing for the Vita Arrival

Well, this news comes out of nowhere, although the "nowhere" is probably related to the fact that I was away from all Internet stuff for five days. I return, and here we are with a price drop on the 3DS to 169.99. As you probably know, that is the same current price as the DSi XL. This is a lot of cash lost for Nintendo on 3DS related sales, as shown in the many pay cuts for Nintendo. This appears to be a move that would hopefully be for the greater good of the company, however. It appears to be to respond to the Playstation Vita release, at the same price the 3DS previously held (with a 3G upgrade for an extra 50 bucks). Hopefully for Nintendo, this will sell more 3DS systems to combat the more powerful Vita.

The price decrease is also a result of less than stellar sales for the 3DS, because of the small launch lineup. As you see in the previous article, soon that time will be over, but for now there are very few games to tide yourself over with on the newest console from Big N.

I think it will be a much more interesting battle this year between 3DS and Vita. DS vs PSP sure was anticlimactic.

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