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The 3DS Lineup: Don't Worry About the Remakes

I've heard (well, seen, as in saw the text in posts and stuff) people complaining about all the remakes for the console. Well, that should soon be over. Here's some reasons why they made plenty of remakes, and why they'll be mostly replaced with new games soon.

1. Selling the system. If you can recognize a game that you would enjoy, it increases the value of the system to you, right? Well, all of these remakes are of good games, or great classics. Ocarina and StarFox: They are both fondly remembered games. And many people know of their legacy but have not played them yet (like me). I got Ocarina and was satisfied. Many others, I assume, have as well.

2. They're easier to make. You're seeing a lot of the new games coming out around the holiday season or later: that's because they need time to make them. Remakes near the beginning of the console cycle may be because the 3DS was in development before the products. So improving the graphics  and giving a few additions to one game is going to be a lot less work than making a new one from scratch. Deep down, Nintendo is a corporation that wants to make money, just like Sony and Microsoft, and what takes less for good worth is often a choice they might want to make.

3. Having a more robust lineup. I mentioned it is easier to make remakes; well, that means they can boost the amount of the lineup titles so consumers have more choice.

So the remake decision has reasoning; money reasoning. Remember, Nintendo is not an indie game designer that gives away their stuff for free; they need to make a living too, and the more they make, the better the living. You would probably do the same if in their shoes.

Of course, these reasons are for an action that ultimately failed so far with the underselling of the 3DS. But soon we'll be over that.

So tl;dr, the remakes are for a reason, and soon there will be less. So kick back with your copy of Ocarina of Time and wait, as that's how good things come.

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