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Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower

You know about them. You want them. If you don't, you either don't have a Wii or have horrible taste. Xeno and LS are both amazing looking RPGs and Pandora's Tower looks to be a great action-adventure title.

     Now if you follow any game news whatsoever, you've heard about the fact that Nintendo of America has appeared to decide that they aren't worth localizing in the US.

      Now wait a minute. All three are being released in the UK, right? O noes, it's a lot of work to change "colour" to "color", ain't it? With all the Wii fans psyched about them, they should sell well enough, so why aren't they bringing them overseas the other direction? Just maybe, we have a rumor to look at that follows.

     If you check out the Operation Rainfall blog, you'll see on the latest post a juicy rumor. According to this, Xenoblade AND Last Story are being sent to US, Xeno already localized and LS in the process. Joy! It's still unconfirmed. But it's hope, right? And Operation Rainfall's team seems to think it's true.

So we could have a lucky break and get at least 2 of those wanted titles. Good news, of course.

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