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Pokemon: What the hell is with all these annoying spinoff things?

     Lately, all the game news for Pokemon has one thing in common: it's all useless. Of course I'm not expecting anything on Grey or the remade Ruby and Sapphire yet, but at least SOMETHING interesting would be nice.
Culprit #1 is Pokemon Rumble Blast (Scramble in Japan). I didn't think we'd see more of Pokemon Rumble, a game released on WiiWare a few years ago, but here it is in full price form for the 3DS. I never played the first game, for it didn't seem all that interesting. The demo put me against it even more, didn't have much fun playing that. Although it does have a good deal of new content according to the news (http://www.serebii.net/rumble2/), it doesn't seem enough to win me over. I suppose that isn't too bad, but I'd prefer the time of the spinoff developers (Ambrella in this case) to be put to use on more compelling games.

     Which leads us to Pokemon Typing DS, which is, judging by the gameplay (typing the English romanizations of the Japanese Pokemon names), to be a Japan-only release. Now that also wouldn't be a letdown other than being annnoying, until I find out that Genius Sonority is putting their staff to work on it, when they could be working on something way more awesome. By this I mean something like Pokemon Colosseum, XD: Gale of Darkness, or Battle Revolution, all developed by the Genius Sonority. God, an XD sequel would be amazing to have, and instead they're working on this crapload. I WANTS MOAR GAMES I'D PLAY!

     We also have this random free rythm game app for mobile platforms and a TCG demo game. Not sure who's wasting their time (translate to "making money without pleasing fans", which I understand, but wish wasn't the case)  on those games, but everything on the horizon is nothing, simply nothing, I'm interested in. Yeah, the world doesn't revolve around me, and I'm sure there are reasons for making those games. I'm just saying that I'm not really satisfied with what's coming out.

     Here's what they need: Mystery Dungeon 3 (NO, Explorers of Sky is NOT Mystery Dungeon 3, it's STILL Mystery Dungeon 2, but a 1-generation sequel like Platinum or "Grey"). MD is the best of the spinoffs in the opinions of me and others, but its in the dark now. I'm still pretty sure it will be released sometime, but no leaks or announcements or ANYTHING have come about.

So what do we need? More of the good stuff. The 3DS, being about the same in graphics capacity as the Cube, would do well with a new game from the Colosseum series. Mystery Dungeon 3 could well be a DS or   3DS release, either one is fine with me. Just no weirdo character models (see Pokemon Ranch or Rumble if you don't know what I mean) if it's on 3DS.

So there you go. But do you love Rumble or hate Mystery Dungeon (screw IGN on that review)? Or are Pokemon spinoffs in general horrible in themselves? COMMENTS, PEOPLE, COMMENTS!

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